About Us

“Shifu Says” is a radio podcast show unique in its genre. Exclusively presented by BON Cloud, the core focus is to create something with and for you, using Zen (pronounced “Chan” in Mandarin Chinese) wisdom to help you understand and overcome the problems faced in everyday life.

The podcast is a dialogue between a western host and Shifu Ming Hai, one of modern China’s wisest Zen Buddhist monks. Each episode focuses on a single yet pressing problem or concern about life, relationships, social issues or worldly events. These problems, discussed in each episode, are real issues faced by people from all over the world, often universal in nature.

Master Ming Hai, Abbot of Bailin Temple, is Vice President of the Buddhist Association of China. He is also President of the Buddhism Association, and Director of the Buddhism College, both in Hebei Province, China.

Bailin Temple is one of the most significant monasteries in Zen Buddhism, with a history of 1700 years. The temple is home to many leading monks, and is the origin of prominent periods throughout the history of Zen – for instance, the famous Zen Master, Zhao Zhou (Joshu), settled in the temple for 40 years, and, before his famous Journey to the West (to Nepal), Master Xuan Zang studied there.

In 1992, Master Ming Hai was ordained as a monk in Bailin Temple. He was a disciple of Master Jing Hui, a renowned monk and a leading proponent of Zen in Daily Life. Master Ming Hai became the 45th generation successor of Linji Zen, a sect of Chinese Zen. Then, in 2004, he was appointed Abbot of Bailin Temple at the tender age of 36, one of the youngest abbots in China.

Master Ming Hai graduated from the Department of Philosophy at Peking University, one of the country’s most renowned universities. He is the embodiment of the well-educated monks in today’s China. Besides his achievements in literature and public speaking, Master Ming Hai is also an accomplished Buddhist lecturer, with English as his second language. He has also helped foster a culture of Zen tradition for American practitioners. He has also been invited to give instruction at the Benediktushof Centre in Dresden, the largest meditation centre in Germany.

“Shifu Says” is an English-language podcast with a global audience, featuring Master Ming Hai’s teachings and guidance. Master Ming Hai is the first monk from the Chinese mainland to introduce Zen in Daily Life to English-speaking audiences across digital media platforms with a global reach.

– A glimpse behind the scenes at Shifu Says

“Shifu says”, the first podcast that allows you to directly access to the wisdom of shifu Ming Hai to solve your daily problems, is really about people. About you, who believe in zen wisdom, about you, struggling with a problem you want some advice for, about you, simply curious, about you, who enjoys listening to a good podcast; but it’s also about us. Our team have been working hard while our friends and families enjoy the Spring Festival Holidays; but we are not less excited about our work than them about having some relax and family time. We are putting all our joint efforts in an inspiring product that teaches us as much as it teaches to you. And we are doing it as a family, a strong group.

Meet the team behind “Shifu says”: resourceful women and men committed to this project with all their hearts and passion. We are working together, joyfully and productively, to bring to you the best of our ideas and the best of Master Ming Hai’s wisdom to improve, even a little bit, your life.